Angels In America Essay

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One of the most important themes in the text is that of community: without a community of one's friends, family, and lovers, it is impossible to live a meaningful life.Roy, the man without a community, dies enraged and alone.

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Religion helps people make sense of their existence and their identity; these traditions are deeply interwoven into the fabric of American history, culture, literature, and philosophy.

Kushner suggests that the two main religions discussed in the text—Mormonism and Judaism—have similar themes and that tolerance of each is necessary in an ideal America.

For them, staying in one familiar place means happiness and safety.

But this doesn’t apply to the rest of the characters who discovered that they are miserable as a result of stasis and being trapped.

They are treated as pariahs, no longer part of the social body.

Illness functions several ways in the text, however; it's not just indicative of how America values strength and espouses varieties of social and actual Darwinism.

Roy is bitterly antagonistic towards homosexuals, whom he views as weak and powerless, and Joe is ashamed of himself and buys into a conservative political and legal system that marginalizes them.

In the play, every character has a fixed identity, or what they think is a fixed identity.

Roy says it best when he bitterly states that America has no use for the sick: America is a place where only the healthy are accepted and revered.

Those who have AIDS and other diseases are sequestered away from the general population.


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