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Therefore, these peas are not undergoing as much cellular respiration as the more developed peas that have been germinating for three days.All living organisms contain genetic information that provides several functions inherent to the individual organism and the perpetuation of its species.You should immediately realize that this is a question about cellular respiration.

Use the organism that you used when completing this lab (commonly germinating peas).(A) Key points to include: the organism you chose, clear identification of the experimental variable, clear explanation for the variables that you must control, an explanation of the apparatus that you will use to measure the cellular respirationconsumed by germinating peas will be measured.

The experiment will test peas that have been germinating one day vs. Therefore, the number of days the peas have been germinating will be my experimental variable.

Hypothesis: Measuring cellular respiration for 30 minutes at intervals of 10 minutes at a time will demonstrate that peas that have been germinating for three days will consume more oxygen through cellular respiration than peas that have been germinating one day.

Procedure: I will place 20 peas that have been germinating for one day in one respirometer and 20 peas that have been germinating for three days in another respirometer.

I will use an apparatus called a respirometer to measure the amount of Oconsumed.

This device will be submerged underwater with a pipette attached to the end.

Discuss how the nature of genetic material both perpetuates the identity of an individual and provides for high biodiversity.

DNA is composed of only four different base pairs, and there is only one different base pair, uracil instead of thymine, in RNA.

After a 10-minute equilibration period, I will begin to measure the amount of oxygen consumed at 10-minute intervals for 30 minutes.

I will record results measured by the graduated intervals on the pipette attached to the respirometer.(B) Key points to include: labels on each axis, regular intervals on the graph, a specific title on the graph, points plotted on the graph, and a line connecting the appropriate points.


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