Argumentative Essay Media Violence

Argumentative Essay Media Violence-10
They would rather blame everybody else than admit that it is them who created this trend and continue to pour oil on flames by constantly discussing this problem.For marketing purposes this situation is ideal, as no specific advertising is needed.This is especially true of cartoons, toy commercials, and music videos.

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Unlike most rational, educated adults, many children are gradually beginning to accept violence as a way to solve problems and are imitating what they observe on television.

Violent images on television and in movies may seem real to these children and sometimes viewing these images can even traumatize them.

Despite the negative effects media violence has been known to generate, no drastic changes have been made to deal with this problem that seems to be getting worse.

They always strive to raise as much cash as it is possible, which can’t be so without attention drawn to their product and enough response.

Thus, we can conclude that the tendency of showing cruelty and violence on TV screens is in demand.


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