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Virtually these statuses are ‘ascribed’ to the individual before knowing his potentialities.These statuses definitely “determine and limit the range of statuses” which he may subsequently achieve or try to achieve.Example: Among the Tchambuli people, women are the bread-earners whereas men look after household work and spend time in combing hair, wearing different kinds of beads and other kinds of beautification.

Virtually these statuses are ‘ascribed’ to the individual before knowing his potentialities.These statuses definitely “determine and limit the range of statuses” which he may subsequently achieve or try to achieve.

Cultural capital is the ability to influence within a particular culture such as a sailor who can immediately gain the respect of other sailors within a short conversation due to their overwhelming sailing experience and ability to build rapport. Actual intelligence can differ greatly from perceived intelligence.They are de­rived from membership in involuntary groups such as sex group, age group, racial group, etc.At the beginning stages of socialisation itself the new born individual derives such statuses.Like sex, it is a definite and highly visible physiological fact.Unlike sex, age cannot give rise to permanent lifetime statuses.Certainly they are excluded in works such as coal mining, structural steel work, underwater tunneling, etc.It means for women, their ascribed statuses limit their attainment for achieved statuses. Age: All societies recognise differences in statuses and roles related to age.She is thus provided with some tasks that are compatible with reproduction.Usually, though not invariably, she is given tasks such as keeping house, cooking, gardening, sewing, making pots and baskets.For this reason, female work is more uniform and localised than that of men.In the modern complex societies the statuses assigned to women have changed greatly.


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