Assigning Tasks To Employees

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Tasks can be defined as an activity which needs to be accomplished within a period of time.

Creating Tasks and assigning them to respective owners helps have a track of the job done by individuals and also helps to maintain a record of activities to be completed. Individual Tasks - which can be added by the admin or by Reporting Manager for his/her subordinates or by the user for self.

Image via Asana Email is one of the biggest time wasters in the business world.

Asana unchains team members from their inboxes with a collaborative environment that allows you to create, assign and organize tasks all in one place.

easy task ownership; manage tasks by priority or deadline.

Trello is so versatile it works just as well for large, multinational companies, as well as for startups.

Track those leads to gain insight into which types of interactions generate the best results. Instead of just talking about launching a project, use Producteev to get it done.

This app gives you the tools to go straight from the planning phase to the “doing” phase from the web, your i Phone or an Android device.

Inevitably this leads to important tasks being left undone, double booking meetings, or worse - the forgotten little league game.

To avoid bogging yourself down, you need an easy, reliable way to delegate work among employees and departments.


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