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Candidates are advised to submit only new session assignments to study centre. If you have submitted your Assignments to IGNOU Study Centre then now time for checking its marks and status at online.

After the submission of assignments, it goes to the evaluation department in which IGNOU evaluators are starting the evaluation of each assignment solution.

Please note: This option will continue beyond the dates listed at left, but this is the only time this semester that this process is exclusive to residents with room/apartment vacancies.

Hi there, I am new to Coursera and have submitted my first assignment. In Week 4: "Peer-graded Assignment: Refugee Health Assignment You passed! You can also help more classmates by reviewing their submissions." and the GRADES summary page states: "The Search for Etiologic Clues: Lesson Choices Complete 1 or more. 20% 0% Refugee Health Assignment Submit your assignment Didn't Pass Due date Feb 10" Looking forward to your reply.

Click to Check IGNOU Assignment Status, Marks and Results Once Evaluator has successfully evaluated your assignment then they will upload your marks on IGNOU site and it can be seen by each student to get their report.

You can get your Marks, Status, Grades, and Results of your Assignments from here.

Please also advise where do I go to read feedback from peers marking my assignment. Review the feedback below and continue the course when you are ready. To see the grade and your peers' feedback, please follow the steps that are provided on this Help Article. And, if there is still a discrepancy between the shown grades: 1.

I am doing the Major Depression in the Population: A Public Health Approach I would like to continue with Coursera and I need to understand how to submit assignments and read my grades.

This helps to tidy up the list and focus only on attainment so far. You will see any marked assessments and the scores achieved. The options and icons are described across the following slides. Clicking on the name of the assignment will bring up the Review Submission History screen. If you see an icon of a person’s head with a question mark within it then it means that your assignment was marked anonymously.

Here you will see your submission, and if marked online, your submission will show comments and annotations. This means that the person who marked your assignment did not know that it was you who had written it.


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