Attendance Monitoring System Thesis Case Study

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In a manual system, teachers will take and write down the student’s daily attendance in the record book, then at the end of the month the teacher is responsible to update the record by calculating the percentage of student’s attendance.

This showed that the manual system is not strict and the student does not pay much attention to the attendance.

(2008), monitoring employees with the aid of software is a note worthy development in the Human Resource Management Information System (HRIS).

Some of the most effective and widely implemented employee monitoring software is A-log, Activity Monitor, Net Spy Pro, Security Software, Specters CNE and Spy Tech Employees Software.

Parents also do not know either their children come to school or not.

They only know when the report card is given to them, twice To provide a computerized system with quality services to the users concerning the students’ daily attendance record, and to give maximum advantage to the whole management in school; and 3.These highly advanced version of software help in keeping an eye over the employee and track him in the office hours.This not only saves money but also checks any transfer of confidential information by the employees working online.For example, two sidebar divs could be stacked if necessary.These can very easily be changed to IDs if that's your preference, as long as you'll only be using them once per document.4) If you prefer your nav on the right instead of the left, simply float these columns the opposite direction (all right instead of all left) and they'll render in reverse order.There's no need to move the divs around in the HTML source.* Computerized attendance monitoring System Received Information; Confirmation of the System that the Barcode is Registered SMS Device (SHORT MESSAGESERVICE) Figure1.Conceptual Framework of the study The figure above shows the conceptual framework of the study through Input, Process, and Output presentation.input It shows the basic knowledge requirements for developing the system, the researcher must have the knowledge in the following areas in order to understand the problem and also be able to discern the problem or improve conditions about the existing manual system in Isulan National High School.Chapter 1 RESEARCH DESIGN INTRODUCTION Rationale of the Study Maintaining the attendance record is an important factor in people management.


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