Bend It Like Beckham Essay Introduction

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Jess has to overcome the clash between modernity and transition as well a generational conflict to succeed, even as the family members think that soccer will corrupt her.Assessment of Culture and Ethnic Traits The Indian family is concerned with duty and honor, and Jess’s mother is more preoccupied with this as she desires her daughter to be a ‘good Indian girl’ with homemaking skills (Chadha, 2003).

" The mothers misperception also shows that female athletes can be stereotyped as homosexual.

In Indian culture, the Manu Smriti, the oldest code of conduct in India, states the homosexuality is punishable (Olivelle, 2004). Although homosexuality does exist in the Indian culture, it is not accepted or spoken about.

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The generation gap between Jess, her sister and the parents is one of the reasons why they set limits and are reluctant to support her sporting activities.

The close knit Sikh family are closely involved in making decisions for Jess, who is at times forced to go against her parents’ wishes the Indian culture influences health seeking behavior and attitudes, and should be considered in interventions.Jules' mother is clearly upset by the idea of her daughter dating another woman.Near the end of the movie, when Jules' finds out that her mother thinks she is dating Jess, she exclaims, "Mother, just because I wear trackies and play sport does not make me a lesbian!Description of Movie Family Jess forms a close bond with Jules a fellow soccer player who is White British.The clash of Indian cultu4res with Western culture highlights the differences between the two, but also attempts to bridge cultural gaps.Cross cultural and there big differences america is a melting pot filled with my cultural differences in turn.A lot of cultures and what makes us different cultures. These cultures and commerce and research papers, and ukraine the culture a melting pot filled with many different?Jules' parents offer an interesting parallel to Jess' family, showing that although cultures may be very different in some ways, they are actually very similar in others.Director Chadha explains that Start behaving like a proper woman! Jules' mother says to her, "No boy's gonna go out with a girl who's got bigger muscles than him!Even though the family lives in a middle class neighborhood, the Indian family still respects traditions.As such, contact with extended family members is highly appreciated, and the parents make major decisions for their children.


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