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Therefore, database entries of different types have different fields.

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file is likely to be as good a place as any for the abstract, and it is possible to design a bibliography style for printing selected abstracts.

Note: Misspelling a field name will result in its being ignored, so watch out for typos (especially for optional fields, since won't warn you when those are missing).

For small publishers, on the other hand, you can help the reader by giving the complete address.

Used for alphabetizing, cross referencing, and creating a label when the ``author'' information (described in Section 4) is missing.

No fixed classification scheme can be complete, but provides enough entry types to handle almost any reference reasonably well.

References to different types of publications contain different information; a reference to a journal article might include the volume and number of the journal, which is usually not meaningful for a book.

Thus, you should feel free to be creative in how you use these entry types (but if you have to be too creative, there's a good chance you're using the wrong entry type).

In general, if you want to keep from changing something to lower case, you enclose it in braces.

Consult the Local Guide to see what tools are available on your system.

The standard style's thirteen entry types do reasonably well at formatting most entries, but no scheme with just thirteen formats can do everything perfectly.


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