Bill Bryson A Walk In The Woods Essay

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Also, they are undeniably out of shape yet carrying forty-pound packs on their backs.

Though things seem disparaging at first, they eventually find a groove in the previously perilous hike and continue on.

Bryson's acute eye is a wise witness to this beautiful but fragile trail, and as he tells its fascinating history, he makes a moving plea for the conservation of America's last great wilderness.

An adventure, a comedy, and a celebration, A Walk in the Woods has become a modern classic of travel literature.

It just never captured my attention, and the much celebrated Bryson sense of humor didn't connect with mine.

Not bad, just not as good as do many other outdoor travel stories that I much greatly preferred.In addition to these two landmark mountains, Bryson also hikes Mt. Washington, which is one of the Appalachian Trail’s largest tourist attractions (in New England).As agreed, Bryson and Katz meet up again and begin their Maine hike in August.Despite Katz's overwhelming desire to find cozy restaurants, he and Bryson eventually settle into their stride, and while on the trail they meet a bizarre assortment of hilarious characters.But A Walk in the Woods is more than just a laugh-out-loud hike.Bryson comments on how they are able to meet various types of hikers along the trail, including Boy Scouts, seniors and students.One fellow hiker, Mary Ellen, who is described as less-than-bright, actually stays with the duo along the course of a few days.Probably the best of Bryson's books, and it of course has now been made into a film starring Robert Redford.The book cannot be missed however - Bryson is at his flappable finest, with hilarious ...Bryson continues hiking alone, though finds the hiking in Pennsylvania too rocky and uncomfortable.When he finally makes it to New England, he finds himself enjoying the hike more and heads first to Massachusetts’ Berkshire Mountains, and then to Vermont’s Stratton Mountain, the so-called spiritual birthplace of the Appalachian Trail as it is where the trail’s creation was conceived.


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