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Perhaps the biggest advancement of this confrontation was Macron’s realization that the economy cannot be revitalized without the system changes.

This realization gave Macron’s confidence to move to the next level and try his luck in French presidential election.

Emmanuel Macron wife Brigitte is his former teacher at school. But the age difference does not prevent the couple from being happy in their relationships.

When Emmanuel was a teenager, he promised to Brigitte to marry her one day. Perhaps, Macron’s straightforwardness and honesty in his relationships was yet another “plus” point in the French presidential election.

His unexpected entry to the political arena surprised many people, including experts, experienced politicians, and just average French.

He is only thirty nine which is considered to be pretty young for the conservative France.

In 2012, he was appointed the senior role at the president Holland’s team.

In August 2014, Macron continues his political career at the position of the Minister of Economy and Finance.

Although the liberalization package was not popular in governmental walls, the reforms were pro-active and entrepreneurship-oriented.

He managed to push the so-called “Macron Law” aiming the labor reform in spite of the withstanding forces in government.


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