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There was discrimination in day to day affairs like travelling by bus, getting a cheque cashed and sitting on bus stand or park benches.

The juxtaposition of the treatment of blacks and that of Jews in these works shows the dizzying array of inequality that permeate American society, like a malignant cancer.

A person is known to be black because of an obvious physical characteristic which, while meaningless, can be empirically determined.

At such a time, the Negro can look at the starlit skies and find that he has, after all, a place in the universal order of things. The report mentioned the rise in suicide tendency among Southern Negroes.

1"This speculation was sparked again by a report that lay on my desk in the old barn that served as my office.

It is harder to pin down what makes Jews different.

Certainly there is an entire religion, a set of requirements that separate Jews with dietary restrictions and religious observances, but these are contrived; everybody has food preferences and special observances.It requires human intelligence to invent a difference between someone who is Jewish and someone who is not, whether that separation is externally generated or internally generated.In beginning of Black Like Me we are treated to the transformation of a white man into a black man.D East and construction worker from Alabama - the whites and the blacks like Sterling Williams (who helped him in his transformation, made him learn the etiquettes, the style and the mannerism of the blacks) and the mill worker who proved that human kindness and generosity cannot be overshadowed by the evils of racism.The book addresses the sociological issues and concerns related to racism and sexism.While there may be plenty of examples of racially indistinct people; there is generally little difficulty recognizing someone who is black.The difference is a natural one, as that of a black cat and a white cat, which are still cats just the same.The book provides a very sentimental and heart rendering approach to the sufferings of the black people in American South.It touches the heart directly because the events are unfolded by a white man himself, who experienced the troubles of the blacks by under covering himself as a black man.Differential Prejudice While the abhorrent prejudice evident in the book Black Like Me, written by John Griffin, and in the movie "Gentleman's Agreement", directed by Elia Kazan, against blacks and Jews respectively, seems similar in nature, it is important to note that they are not equal.An exploration of the difference in the method and complexity required for the transformation of each main character is demonstrative of the requirements for entry too the respective groups.


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