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♦ is the neuroscience researcher at the Peabody Essex Museum.

♦ is the neuroscience researcher at the Peabody Essex Museum.

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At PEM, Asher helps to inform exhibition design strategy by analyzing emerging neuroscientific findings and proposing recommendations to increase engagement and visitor impact.

First, his walking had grown unsteady; then his hearing had worsened.

In a recent study published in the scientific journal sought to ameliorate symptoms of ASD by increasing the connection between these two regions using neurofeedback training.

f MRI neuroimaging was used to scan the brains of ASD patients (males fifteen to twenty-five years of age) while they played a video game.

f MRI), that allowed us to begin to identify biological markers of psychiatric disease; to point to a mark on a brain scan and say, “this is what’s wrong here.” It is these same neuroimaging technologies that are now enabling treatment of the disorders that they initially delineated.

Neurofeedback training is a process by which an individual can change the way their brain operates. We are motivated to solve the problems that keep us from winning games, completing puzzles, or scoring points.

But, Marsh explained, surgery could leave him paralyzed, or worse.

The family faced a difficult choice, between the certainty of a slow, predictable decline and the possibility of an immediate cure—or catastrophe. “I’ve told them you should do it.” Flattered, Marsh agreed to go ahead.

They decided to seek a second opinion from an older, eminent neurosurgeon. The surgery began at nine in the morning and continued late into the night.

Brain surgery is slow and dangerous, and removing a tumor can be like defusing a bomb.


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