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Business Communication: Communication which deals with business activities is called business communication.

In a wider sense, business communication is the transmission and accurate imitation of ideas ensured by feedback for the purpose of accomplishing organizational goals.

Some mentionable scholar’s definition is given below; Communication is a dynamic, ever-changing, unending process by which people transmit information and feelings to others”.

(Barker) “Communication is the field of knowledge which deals with the systematic application of symbols to acquire common information regarding an object or event”.

All the information and data which are required to make a plan for business can be obtained or gathered through communication. Enhancement of employee skill: skilled and efficient employees are considered assets to the organization. Facilitating joint efforts: Management alone is helpless to achieve its goals.

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Enhancing employee’s skill is one of the important purposes of communication. Formulation and execution plans: Communication facilitates formulation and execution of plans through providing necessary data. Direction to the subordinates: For better job performance, subordinates require specific instructions and orders from their respective boss. It requires cooperation of employees for the purpose.While you are receiving a message, you may at the same time be sending a new message to the original sender.To occur communication there must be three basic elements of communication.(Lesikar&Pttit) “The exchange of ideas, news, and views in connection with the business among the related parties is called business communication”. Nature of communication: The term ‘communication’ stems from the Latin word “communis” which means common.However communication includes in addition to commonalty, the concepts of transmission, meaning and information.Scope of communication: Communication is so inevitable in our lives from birth to death that it would be impossible to manage human behaviors and attitudes without it.Communication is an ever present activity in our lives.Business functioning: For the proper functioning of business works every employee involved with the organization must have information to do his/her job. And communication plays vital role in decision making by supplying required information. Implementation of plan: For the implementation of the plan properly it is necessary to direct, coordinate and control the activities of the stuff. And communication through advertisement and salesmanship makes the people aware of the necessity of the goods. Foreign trade: To deal with foreign trade; enquiring goods, insuring goods, making contract of foreign afreightment and so on are to be performed. Domestic and foreign investment: Investors of both home and abroad are contacted and motivated through communication to invest their money in industry and commerce. Others: Communication is also inevitable in the field of industrial relations, transporting, warehousing, banking, social responsibilities, and public relations Functions of Communication: The main theme of communication is the exchange of meaningful information between two or more persons.Analysis of this definition indicates that communication performs several functions. Conveying message: The first and foremost function of communication is to convey a message to another person. Furnishing data: Communication provides all necessary data for making the organizational plan and carries out orders and instructions for the implementation of the plan. Regulating human behavior: Communication may be termed as the traffic light of an organization as it regulates human behavior to start work, to continue work and to stop work. Aiding decision making: For the proper functioning of organization management has to take many decisions and communication helps management in this regard by supplying relevant information. Facilitating coordination: For the achievement of organizational goals coordination among the various activities of different departments is indispensable. Controlling: Control clarifies duties, authorities and responsibilities of employees. Maintaining human relation with others: Internal communication is needed for efficient administration.The scope of communication may be varying with the nature and size of the organization.However a brief description is given below regarding the scope of communication:- . Decision making: Every organization needs to take decision in the field of production, distribution and other related fields for achieving the target. Industry: Communication supplies required information regarding the human resources and other resources essential for the production. Distribution and marketing: To make the production effective, it must be to the use of the people.


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