Business Plan Sales Strategy

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' and 'Are we really getting good value for our hard earned money?

The Cambridge Strategy Group has outlined a three-stage strategy for expanding its services and operations.

For example, once you figure out where you’ll be selling your product – online, at a retail outlet, door-to-door – determine the type of sales team you’ll need and how you’ll compensate them.

In terms of distribution, think about how you’ll actually get the product or service into the hands of the customer.

You’re going to need customers to buy your product. There are many free or low-cost strategies such as referrals, word-of-mouth, public relations, and marketing partners to help cross-promote or sell your product, so I would avoid any expensive print, TV or radio advertising campaigns at these early stages. Before you start actually executing on your marketing strategy, however, think about “branding.” This is the look and feel of your business, what customers experience when interacting with it, from the fonts, colors and text of the website and your business cards to the overall image you portray in the product itself.

This branding will be reflected in the execution of your marketing strategy.Production and purchasing costs soar and payments are not yet coming in.Make sure you have the capacity and finances in place to enable you to fulfil your sales targets and order commitments." - June Lonsdale, Anglo Recycling Technology Ltd "In recessive times, customers look for two factors - 'Am I putting my business into a safe pair of hands?As CSG expands its offerings, it will constantly focus on finding new ways to help small businesses become more successful.STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSESThe Cambridge Strategy Group has a number of strengths that will enable it to favorably compete in this market.Competitors can slash their prices to meet or beat yours, so be very careful if you decide to compete on cost.This section describes how you intend to get your product to customers and how you’ll measure the effectiveness of those methods.Weigh the costs of each channel against the benefits it would bring."Overtrading is a common cause of business failure.Ultimately, you’ll want to sell your product or service in as many ways that make sense for your company: online, at a retail outlet, via house parties or mail order, or through other companies.Initially, however, focus on selling through just one of these channels so you can build your business before comfortably extending to others.


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