Case Study Research Method

We further elaborate on the distinction between causal effects and causal mechanisms and their role in causal inference and case studies.

In addition, a thorough treatment of causal inference requires a consideration of different notions of causal effects.

As will be seen in the subsequent sessions, the means of implementing a case study may significantly depend on the causal effect that one deems to be in place.

One major goal of this session is to encourage the participants to reflect on the specific type of causal relationship they believe to be in place and to formulate their theoretical expectations accordingly.

Ingo is author of This course approaches qualitative case studies from the perspective of method and practice.

The goal is to understand the advantages and challenges of the case study method and to detail the tasks involved in all stages of the research process.Those participants that are in the midst of their analysis can evaluate their case study in the light of what they learn and plan the next steps so as to meet the standards of good case study research.In the opening session on day 1, we introduce several dimensions that are central to all case study analyses and are important to understand.This session enables the participants to understand the construction of proper comparisons and avoid making common mistakes in comparative case studies.On day 7, we continue with a discussion of advanced issues in comparisons.First, the can be the cross-case level (often understood as the macro level), or the within-case level (i.e. Third, we introduce the importance of difference-making and counterfactuals for causal inference and elaborate the difference between and when and how we claim that an observed empirical association reflects a causal relationship.We introduce the the criterion of difference-making as the benchmark for inferring causal Professor of Methods of Comparative Political Research at the Cologne Center for Comparative Politics, University of Cologne.He researches social science methods with a focus on qualitative methods (case studies and process tracing), Qualitative Comparative Analysis and multimethod research.issues related to the preparation of interviews or archival research.Case studies have a long tradition in the social sciences.


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