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I have watched little boys in Guatemala pushing the bottom of a match box along a garden wall while making car sounds.And with delight, I have seen children in India hold their arms like wings, make motor sounds, and run about, pretending to be airplanes.Is it the day when I was so disappointed with the Christmas gift I got? My mom’s best friend left to another town and asked my mom to stay at her place with me for two days in order to look after her two sons.

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Mom went to work and reminded me to be nice and clean by the time she will come back with the guests.

I stayed with Tony, the older of the boys and suddenly somebody called him and though he was not permitted to leave me alone – he left.

And such behaviors are not unique to the modern age: remains of dolls have been found alongside mummies of children that are thousands of years old.

Although play is important for people of all ages (witness the current fitness craze for adults, grown-ups who are 'just playing'), it is especially meaningful and important for young children.

They realize that there is perhaps a problem to be solved and that they have to practice to acquire and improve the skills necessary to achieve their goal.

Play with other children is critical for the development of social skills.It is obvious that all of our childhood memories are not accidental…When you are a child ever scent, every sound, every move, every toy, the first day of school, the first kiss, the first step..He said he will not be long…it took him forever…I realized that I am alone…I cannot come out of the house…so I opened the window and thought that I was joking. at that moment I pulled the curtain so strongly that I fell on the floor.. Desperate to escape and knowing that I will be punished for destroying the curtain that was not even ours….In other articles, I expand on each of these functions of play—skill development, social development, and creativity.Hopefully, they will help you suppress any tendency you might have to be critical of your child for wanting to play all the time. At first adults are their most important playmates, but soon they become eager to interact with children of similar ages.And it is through such play that they learn how to get along with others: that hitting may get them a desired toy, but lose an equally desired friend; that the other children have wants, just as they do; that sharing and kindnesses bring more rewards than snatching and pushing.Learning occurs in all areas of development as young children play—and the learning, too, is for keeps.We can observe skill development as we watch young children play with their toys.


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