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Have us help you custom write a research paper on the Culture of China and see how interesting Chinese Culture is.

The leaders who directed the nation’s affairs after the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 were raised in this old traditional culture.

The Culture of China switched from a traditionally based society to an agriculturally based society after suffering economic displacement, lagging health care, under and unemployment, and the loss of many from the community or village based loyalties, which occurred over many generations.

China’s culture term papers show that the culture of China has developed over thousands of years with a good argument that something that has sustained itself must work.

China is the only country that is ahead of the UN’s International Telecommunication Union’s “2020 5G development schedule”.

China Research Paper Benefits Of Diversity In The Workplace Essay

Chinese experts have taken the lead role in the 5G group of the International Standardization Organization (ISO), known as 3GPP, by submitting 40 percent of the standards and 32 percent of the documents.At first it was believed that technological development was largely a matter of transferring the equipment from the countries that had it, to the less developed ones.What has been learned, however, is that technology does not occur in a vacuum.The global leadership of Chinese telecoms giants in 5G is just one example of how China is on its way to becoming a digital innovation powerhouse.President Xi Jinping has emphasized the importance of China becoming a leader in emerging technologies – including artificial intelligence (AI), nanotechnology, quantum computing, big data, cloud computing, and smart cities.China's efforts at home and abroad to become a global leader in digital technologies is a challenge for Europe.The ambitions of telecommunications giant Huawei to participate in building European 5G networks are just one example of many, say MERICS researchers Kristin Shi-Kupfer and Mareike Ohlberg, authors of a new MERICS study, "China's digital rise.It is a leading digital marketplace and home of one third of unicorns, privately held start-up companies valued at over USD 1 billion.China has made substantial headway in AI-based applications like facial recognition, in blockchain technologies and quantum computation.China has spent at least ten times more on quantum R&D than the United States; estimates start from USD 50 billion.In the AI sector, China filed 30,000 patents in 2018 alone, 2.5 times more than the United States.


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