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This first option may be the most challenging of the three because it requires a great deal of self-awareness and introspection.

You also don’t exactly have to think of this as filling in the blanks, but more as filling in any blanks in your application.

Anything that doesn’t feel like it merits a full essay can go here as a tweet, hot take, punchline, or elegantly-worded sentence.

This is your shot to show USC that you’re well-rounded!

Maybe you’ve always wanted to study physics, but were intimidated by the math.

But with lists and short answers, it’s wit that will make you stand out.

Your answer doesn’t need to be laugh-out-loud funny, but it should avoid the generalities that so often populate these questions: loyal, kind, smart… We’re sure you are all of these things — and they are lovely qualities to showcase in the stories you tell elsewhere in your essay — but these sorts of terms can ring hollow if you aren’t able to back them up with evidence.You’ll be asked about everything from your academic interests to your personal hashtag, so our best piece of advice is, buckle up.Oh, and also remember that you should use every essay as an opportunity to showcase something different about yourself.If you picked a different Common App prompt, feel free to refer to our prompt #3 guide for more inspiration!If you already have a major in mind, chances are your application is bursting with supporting evidence. We bet you’ve served on the board of your literary magazine, entered writing competitions, and aced your Literature AP.(2) Use a topic that hasn’t shown up on your application before.(3) Make sure no one else could put their name on your essay. In asking how you plan to pursue your interests, admissions is really trying to suss out your core reasons for choosing USC. What resources and opportunities does USC offer that will meet your needs and guide you towards your goals?There’s no nice way to say this: the USC application is kind of all over the place.It kicks off by asking applicants to choose one of three prompts, two of which overlap with the Common App, and it just gets stranger from there.😉To rephrase the question: What experiences have exposed your personal blindspots?When have you been forced to admit that you were wrong?


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