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Behavior with one another can change opinions of a person very rapidly.On one side, there’s my mom, the lecturer, who’s always the direct kind of person.An authoritative parent that places her child in time out will make sure the toddler knows why she is there.

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They act more like a friend to their child than a parent.

Being a friend isn't necessarily a bad thing, but permissive style parents have difficulty exerting any control with their child. They have a hard time accepting their role as a disciplinarian.

They teach their children self control and how to be independent.

Authoritative parents teach their kids to be responsible and to think about the consequences of their actions.

These children may also be impulsive and display anti-social behavior. It's fine to give your child choices and a certain level of freedom, as long as it doesn't compromise her health or safety.

Don't worry -- you're not a bad parent if your child has an occasional temper tantrum or tries to get her way once in a while. However, too much freedom and the ability to make her own choices all the time only sets you and your child up for failure.Which type are you -- do you always enforce the rules or give in at the first sight of a quivery lip and the sound of "Pleeeease?" In an authoritative parenting style, parents discipline in a firm and consistent, but fair manner.Permissive style parents give kids lots of love, but little structure.These parents are often loving and great fun, but not so great parents.Permissive parents may not set limits and if they do make rules, they usually don't follow through with discipline.Permissive parents often let the child do what she wants to do as long as it doesn't jeopardize her safety.They also tend to use bribery when they want their child to do something.You may recognize permissive parents by their general lack of control.Authoritative parents don't give in to the "sad, puppy dog face" but they do respond to their child's needs.They exercise the right amount of control and have a good relationship with their kids.


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