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What conclusions can you draw about men and war through these examples? People are usually profoundly changed by their experiences in war.Choose at least 3 characters from the stories and examine how these characters were changed by their experiences.What conclusions can you draw from these examples about the effects of war on the human spirit? The "Speaking of Courage" sequence, as well as the stories related to "the Man I Killed," deal a lot with the issue of responsibility and guilt.

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Just as the character of Mary Anne echoes Conrad's character, Kurtz, "O'Brien" is a cousin to Conrad's character, Marlow.

Like Marlow, O'Brien struggles against his imagination and the fantastic cultural stories that feed it, in "O'Brien's" case, the stories of World War II he learned from movies and stories of his father's generation.

The seductive allure of war is inextricably linked to the tendencies of human nature in O'Brien's novel.

War, more specifically the act of killing, acts as a catalyst for some individuals, causing them to become primal versions of themselves, to become less human, to become killing machines.

Use plenty of examples from the stories to support your point. Throughout the stories, OBrien juxtaposes images of great beauty with images of great horror, the scene of Curt Lemons death in "How to Tell A True War Story" being one notable example.

Write an essay in which you trace the use of such contrasting images across at least three of the stories.O'Brien relies on symbolism Joseph Conrad created in to connect the landscape of Vietnam to the landscape of immorality that Mary Anne succumbs to and "O'Brien" resists.Mary Anne becomes a part of what O'Brien/"O'Brien" most vehemently opposes and what O'Brien/"O'Brien" most fears: the struggle between the light and dark forces of human nature and the predominance of the darker forces. There are instances when imaginary stories are more powerful than those that actually happened.The fictional reality present in O' Brien's The Things They Carried adds more realism to his writing than any amount of actual details every could. The Things They Carried Essay Tim O' Brien, an author and avid reader, grew up near the borders of Iowa and South Dakota in Worthington, Minnesota, a typical small town in Midwestern America.Find three characters from the assigned stories and explain how their actions, attitudes, and beliefs reflect O'Brien's point of view in regards to such issues as masculinity, cowardice and courage.What are your conclusions regarding the issues OBrien raises?O'Brien merges the ideas of killing with animals, a symbolic linkage he revisits by describing the soldiers of Alpha Company as animal-like, "humping" their packs and "saddling up" their gear.O'Brien struggles to hold onto the obverse of this animalism, this barbarism, which is a sort of hyper-civility.O'Brien revisits this idea numerous times throughout the text, adding subtle variations on the theme as he introduces different characters that struggle with the same core issue.O'Brien initially creates this tension by offering the counterpoint of O'Brien's daily work duty of declotting slaughtered pigs with his anxiety about his imminent service as a soldier in Vietnam.


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