Creative Writing Four Genres In Brief

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Fictional Politicians: 8 Things They Teach Us About Effective Characterization Techniques—Politicians are perennial favorites with readers—and with good reason!

Cast your vote for the most useful writing craft tips here! Genre Fiction Rules: Find Out If Your Novel Meets Publishers’ And Literary Agents’ Criteria For Publication—Once you’ve mastered your craft and technique, be sure to master your book genre (including word count)!

Dazzle readers with well-rounded characters using these writer techniques. From superheroes to career women to stay-at-home moms, strong women come in many forms.

5 Ways To Craft Characters That People Care About—Sympathetic characters are compelling characters. Characters We Love To Hate: How To Pull Off Unlikable Characters—We love to read about cringe-worthy characters. Here are some tips to help you create a believable, well-rounded, strong female protagonist.

—Most writers routinely use four of the five senses. 9 Rhetorical Devices You’ve Never Heard Of But Might Already Be Using—In addition to familiar rhetorical devices like metaphor and alliteration, many literary techniques with obscure-sounding names also add impact to your writing.

In fact, you’re probably already using them—at least occasionally!Will Your Characters’ Love Story Stand The Test Of Time? 7 Tips For Writing Realistic War Stories—Writing about war can be tricky: Some readers might be sensitive about graphic depictions of war and violence; others may have a hard time understanding what’s happening if you don’t go into detail.The Author’s Unofficial Guide To Critique Translation.Words And Phrases You Don’t Hear Anymore—We’ve dusted off some of the more unique words and phrases you don’t hear anymore!Perhaps some of these will add a sense of nostalgia or historic accuracy to a story or poem you’re writing.Here’s how to amp up the fear factor, whether you’re writing about zombies or family picnics.How To Write Fiction Based On Real Life—Is your true story the stuff of fairy tales or nightmares? Stop Sagging Middle Syndrome: 5 Plot Devices That Will Amp Up Your Story—Whether you’re writing a short story, memoir, or novel, you’ll need to keep readers turning the pages, especially through the middle of your story. Writing Advice From A Snowstorm—Grab a blanket, a cup of hot cocoa, and your laptop or your favorite pen. How To Pick The Right Names For Your Characters—It can be hard to come up with the right name for your characters; here’s how to choose!Sex And Literary Journals: Are Your Sex Scenes Killing Your Shot At Publication? Here’s how you choose the right POV for the right tale.—You’ve heard the old maxim “sex sells.” But when it comes to submitting to literary journals, your sex scenes might just be too much of a good thing! Smart writers of horror and suspense know all the tricks for preying on the fears of their readers. “Show, Don’t Tell”: This Essential Craft Axiom Finally Explained—All writers have heard, “show, don’t tell.” Here’s how to make this timeless writing technique work for you. I Have A Dream: 8 Heart-Stopping Rhetorical Techniques Of King’s Speech—MLK might be the king of rhetorical techniques; all these years later, he still has lots to teach writers!If you like our Writing Craft And Technique Tool Kit, be sure to check out our additional free Publishing Tool Kits, available via the Leads & Tips drop-down menu on our navigation bar!Writer’s Relief is an author’s submission service that has been helping creative writers get published since 1994. All Genres | Better Prose | Memorable Characters | Books | Poetry | Short Story | Essay Sentence Length: The Power Of Placing Periods—With good technique, your period placement can have a big impact on readers. Repurposing Words: Surprise Your Readers With Unusual Word Choices—Craft exciting sentences by using unexpected, creative words.


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