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She tells them Daddy and Mommy are working abroad and sending money home. One day, her kid brother chances upon an old newspaper clipping... A character travels to another place -- glitzy city, tropical island, another world, another universe, back in time or into a future world -- which seems at first to be the perfect paradise.Soon enough, however, he or she discovers that all is not what it seemed in this new place, and returns home a sadder and a wiser man, woman or teen, and begins to appreciate what he/she had in the first place.Just as he is congratulating himself on finally living the life he's always wanted...

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She hatches a plan to kill him/maim him/destroy him in some way -- but finds in the end that revenge isn't so sweet after all.

Or, she uncovers secrets that reveal the truth about her father, lover or family - revelations that throw a totally new light on past events.

Here are some suggestions: Woes of a Wolf Little Red Riding Hood?

You mean that crazy kid who kicked up a big fuss over nothing? Of course I didn't mean to eat her up, or her grandmother either -- the stupid old crow.

Wails of a Wicked Witch I've been sadly maligned, I'll have you know.

Snow White was your typical giddy teenager, gadding about from one wild party to the next, and that's how she ended up with those seven shady characters...

But can you really blame her, seeing she's been fed nothing but scraps all her life?

More Cinderella story ideas and writing prompts Sleeping Beauty, 1000 years later What happens when Sleeping Beauty wakes up -- not 1 years later -- in the 21st Century? How will she adjust to a world of computers, the internet, handphones, television, air travel and school life?

How she sets about educating, enlightening and outwitting him gives the writer much scope for creating comical situations spiced with dramatic dialogue...

More Beauty and the Beast story ideas and writing prompts Misunderstood, maligned and miffed about it..the villain a chance to tell his tale.


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