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Degrees can include workshops with practising writers and publishers, the opportunity to showcase your work at literary events and residential writing courses. Creative writing is a subject that requires a lot of effort and input, it requires you to get involved in class and share your work and ideas, because you never know where someone's feedback will lead you.Creative writing is a subject that seems like a laidback one - a bit of story writing and you're done, easy, right? Ultimately, though, when you finally get that 'bit of story writing' spot on and just how you like it, the effort is all worth it. 1st year, University of Essex The content of the course is tailored towards improving you as a writer, not telling how to write or imposing how/ what they think you should be writing, but encouraging your own creativity and helping you build upon your 'writer's toolbox'.There is a wide variety of modules to choose from in different writing areas, which helps to expand our knowledge of what we would like to specialise in.

We’ve analysed this figure so you can see at a glance whether it’s high, typical or low compared to the average graduate salary for other subjects.

Bear in mind that there may be big variations in this figure at a course-level.

Finally, there is a lively variety of creative and critical works being produced. Given the vast range of subjects that academe supports, and has supported, it is pleasing for those who engage in the writing arts as a way of investigating the world, that Creative Writing is one of academe’s oldest partners.

That is, even a “university” as old as Plato’s Academy (C.387 B.

At present, thousands of creative writers worldwide are writing not only with the aim of perhaps publishing their work, or seeing it performed or produced, but also with the aim of exploring some particular topic or idea, through creative and critical research in Creative Writing.

Different educational systems have produced different versions of both Masters level and Doctoral level degrees in Creative Writing.

C.) could be seen to form the first point of contact between the act of writing creatively and formal higher education.

As one of the UK’s creative arts subject associations, from 2005-2008 NAWE was represented on the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Steering Committee on Practice-led Research, mapping practice-led research in Creative and Performing Arts across the UK.

The NAWE Higher Education Committee has published a revised version of the NAWE Research Benchmark Statement. Our thanks in particular go to Susan Greenberg, Simon Holloway, Andrew Melrose and Lily Dunn.

Background In 2008 the Higher Education Committee of the National Association of Writers in Education, the national subject association for Creative Writing, produced the first specific Benchmark Statement for Creative Writing teaching and research in universities and colleges in the UK.


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