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More than 40% of year 12 students undertaking a VET qualification in 2014.The event was an outstanding success.“Alison Sweet, event organizer from FAPSTAC said: “Teachers can gain insights to help them take industry intelligence and embed it into their classrooms, creating relevant, authentic and innovative environments.”Part of the session also included an interactive industry Q&A powered by Group Map.

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Using the concepts of logical fallacies (flaws in logic) and the simple like/dislike buttons, people voted up the arguments that they felt best made their case.

The best and strongest arguments would then float to the top and the results shown.

Adopt every improvement, have the best machinery and know the most about it.

If there is one critical thinking technique that I have personally tested and proven, it’s thinking in solitude.

The workshop organizers could see any unanswered questions posed by the group on Group Map and could respond to them.

Teachers could see group brainstorming technology in practice making it easier to implement strategies to engage students in the classroom.”Additional sessions included test running a new social media platform called Faux Book, insights into careers in business, finance and technology from Microsoft and Bank West and industry updates from a panel of industry speakers.You must see yourself as being capable of handling the situation. Learn to concentrate on a single task or problem The second step to developing your critical thinking skill is to learn how to concentrate on a single task or problem at a time.Those who get things done are those who focus on solving one problem first before moving on to another.In its simplest of terms, critical thinking is the concentration of the body and mind on a situation or problem; with the aim of finding a solution. Critical thinking is one of the important business skills every entrepreneur, manager or CEO must possess.The reason is because critical thinking is crucial to strategic planning, decision making, risk analysis and problem solving in business.This form of collective learning certainly isn’t something you could do with simple polling.The group discussed the arguments presented and considered the impact this had on their position on the matter.Without critical thinking, there will be no creativity or innovation.Without strategic thinking; there will be no growth.The ability to think in solitude is what seperates the great inventors, problem solvers, analysts and philosophers from the average ones.By thinking in solitude, I have been able to solve intricate business challenges, come up with innovative business ideas and plans.


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