Critique Essay Introduction

If you prefer taking notes the old-fashion way, get a notebook and start writing as you read.

Make sure to identify these main aspects of the research as you read through the article: You’ll probably need to read the article several times before you’re done with this stage. Maybe you think that a brief note expresses your entire idea, but it doesn’t.

We’ll give you specific steps to follow, so you’ll complete this paper with success.

You cannot critique a research article before you read and understand it.

Although your main purpose is not persuasion, you still have to develop a convincing discussion.

To achieve that, you must wonder whether or not the writer’s overall message is logical. You hardly have the entire base of knowledge needed for analyzing a researcher’s work.

You’ll discover new layers with each reading, and new ideas on how to critique will come to your mind. Remember: this is a complex type of academic paper.

You’re analyzing an advanced text, so it’s easy to forget some of your ideas when the time to write comes.

Evidence from external sources should be included too and cited accordingly.4.

Conclusion It should be concise, indicating your overall assessment and the reasons for your judgment.


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