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To this company may be added another element the missionary.

Missionaries went forth to preach a kingdom beyond this world. " The Forum, 1900 Modern progressive nations lying in the temperate zone seek to control garden spots in the tropics [mainly in Africa, Latin America, and Asia].

They have built an administration that is strong and efficient.

They have framed wise laws and have established courts of justice.

Document 6 From: Cecil Rhodes, British imperialist in Africa, Confessions of Faith, 1877 I contend that we [Britons] are the finest race in the world, and the more of the world we inhabit, the better it is for the human race It is our duty to seize every opportunity of acquiring more territory and we should keep this one idea steadily before our eyes that more territory simply means more Anglo-Saxon race, more of the best, the most human, most honourable race the world possesses.

Document 7 From: Romesh Dutt, The Economic History of India Under Early British Rule Englishmen have given the people of India the greatest human blessing peace. This has brought an ancient and civilized nation in touch with modern thought, modern sciences and modern life.

Slavery enriched European nations through the trade of black bodies & their knowledge. The colonial - later national - economy relied not just on what slaves produced, but their labor, ingenuity & inventiveness.

NAME DATE PERIOD ESSAY DBQ: Effects of Imperialism AP WORLD HISTORY Document-Based Question: Effects of Imperialism Directions: The following question is based on the accompanying Documents 1-13 (The documents have been edited for the purpose of this exercise.) This question is designed to test your ability to work with and understand historical documents.

Banks make loans to colonies and backward countries for building railways and steamship lines.

They also make loans to colonial plantation owners, importers, and exporters.


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