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There is no doubt that having a composed mother would definitely help in proper growth of the children.My mother would only be kind when she wants to be and she is definitely always there for me giving good advices, teaching me on how to cook good food, telling me how she loves me and always making sure she gives me a hug and kiss.However, she is quick tempered by nature, very strict, but regardless trading her for my dream mother would be wrong.

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Secondly, a diligent father who is always working tirelessly in order to provide for his family while at the same time tries to balance his time in order to spend some several hours with them.

This is honestly my dream father for me, one who is not too harsh towards his kids, and with a heavily build in mind body.

We may have a faulty family far from my dream one but this is a precious gift any one like me could ever have.

Most of us have an image of what our dream family should be like, but unfortunately we live in a promiscuous world.

Yes, families play an important role of guiding each other for years and generating this person within one another that will also impact other people outside the family.

The world is infused with many complicated families and there are children out there who constantly dream of a perfect family popping in their lives.

A family is a group of people related by blood or marriage that make up a household.

Thus a couple that lives together with or without its children make up a family.

Also, one should be able to utilize their potential as a member of the family and the society as a whole and seek co-operation with other family members for the same.

A family can be called a truly happy and prosperous family if all the members of the family have a sense of moral, social, cultural and personal responsibilities and rights.


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