Deloitte Business Technology Analyst Case Study

I told the main HR guy that I wanted to use the company to do a sponsored MBA. He didn’t say anything, but I know it did In the interview, I told him I was an artist but ended up drawing a shitty picture of the Mahatma so he thought I was a liar. Do NOT join the company if you think the compensation is less than you deserve.

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The first question was "Tell me something about yourself".

I began with an introduction about my background, school etc. Then the interviewer questioned me about my experiences and intership which was purely technical. I had researched about Deloitte pretty well as it was one of my most desired companies.

The interviewer was pretty impressed with my answer and then he asked some very simple programming questions.

One I remember was to check if a string is a palindrome.

The areas were Quant, Verbal and Logical Reasoning. Sample papers from the vendor:- https:// No Negative Marking ; Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) No scrolling back and forward from questions. of students selected 100Experience GD in total happened for about 30-35 min. You should have leadership skills not domineering skills! But from my group and from another GD group 6-7 people were selected. We had to discuss the case among ourselves and keep penning down the main points or whatever we felt was important for the presentation.

9-10 people per GD and 12 such GD groups making for a 100 in total. Thanks to the fact that we all discussed and split our work and coordinated amongst ourselves. We were given exactly 10 minutes for planning and solving the case, while the interviewer was quietly sitting and observing us and marking us at the same time.

Pretty much a typical case with a slight technology/ Be extremely organized, and take careful notes (read: don't write EVERYTHING down).

Also, don't be afraid to be quiet during the interview.

No questions will be asked outside the CV, while you might be grilled as to what is in the CV. The main task was to build a business analytics solution for the client and the requirements for the same.

Experience This is all as of August 2016 in Bangalore. Mediating the GD will give you a lot of Brownie points! After 2 minutes the interviewer heard from each one of us just to check how well we had understood the case, following which we were given an A1 size sheet and markers.


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