Dissertation On Recruitment And Selection

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They are incorporated into the company and are on a salary.

They are usually given a mentor when they start to enable them to integrate into the organisation with as much ease as possible.

This dissertation focuses in particular on the verbal and numeric tests that are used in the selection process at GE Consumer Finance.

Currently at GE Consumer Finance, the verbal and numeric tests are used as part of an assessment centre for candidates applying to the company.

The group of candidates that this dissertation focuses on is Interns.

Interns are undergraduates who are employed by the company for one year as part of their university course.Due to the high validity, they are used widely in the selection of employees.There are many different types of ability tests such as job specific tests, for example short hand tests for secretarial positions, or more general tests, such as verbal, numeric, spatial and perceptual skills.Other types of psychometric tests are used to compare individuals with each other and therefore involve measuring individuals on scales.These types of psychometric tests are known as nomothetic tests and it is these tests which are used in employee selection which is the focus of this study.They are marked on a range of aspects and the results from these various selection methods are gathered together and used in order to make decisions as to who is best for the job.It is the use of the ability tests in the selection process for interns that is being investigated here in terms of whether they add value to the process.Ability tests are concerned with innate mental facilities.They are designed to test intelligence, skills and aptitudes.This will be done by conducting interviews with assessors from the various departments in the company in order to find out what the current system of ability tests entails and their opinions on the areas.Ability tests scores for the interns will then be obtained and these will be compared to their current performance in order to determine if the tests were able to successfully predict job performance.


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