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I haven't really used it that much in the last few weeks since setting it up.Therefore, it is a bit plain- it's not 'lived-in' yet.

I HAVE TO make an effort to be organised for the most important research project of my life so far, my Master's Dissertation!Ultimately this section will get typed up into my MA notes word document. I will take my Filofax to dissertation meetings, so it is good that I have access to these notes for reference purposes.I have to remember this is NOT the place to write notes for my dissertation- if I did that the Filofax would either be 2 feet thick (quite literally) or I would need about 20 filos! Then I have a 'Techniques' section, which is a list of techniques, methods I need to remember when I am researching and writing, e.g.I'm sure as I use it almost daily from September onwards, it will acquire slips of paper and trinkets etc!So far, in the inner side of the cover, I only have some pink and blue Avery tabs.I use the 'address' pages that came with the Filofax for this, because I definitely do not have enough addresses to ever need to use them!They are quite good for lists as they are divided into columns, and have that nice box at the top where you can label the whole list. This is just a section where I write down any quick things I need to research etc.This is why I have set up my MA Dissertation planner!It is in a beautiful raspberry A5 Finsbury filofax :) I spent a few weeks researching which would be the best Filofax for me.It adds a bit more colour to it :) Then I have my 'Plan' section. I basically have 1 sheet of A5 paper per section of my Dissertation, giving a plan of what that section includes.I add another piece of paper as the plan for that section expands.


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