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An analysis of media interviews and articles shows that stakeholders who argue Snowden should be called a “hero” or “whistleblower” create that name for him by emphasizing in their talk how Snowden has sacrificed his own needs to protect the U. Snowden’s disclosure has yet to change a social context that favors government surveillance and secrecy over openness and transparency and a more limited interpretation of First Amendment rights.It is hard to imagine that just one year ago, Edward Snowden famously walked away.

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As a result, these stakeholders have been attempting to make sense of Snowden’s actions by naming him either a “hero/whistleblower” or “traitor/felon.” Naming him will give meaning to his actions, suggest how U. society should respond to his behavior, and create a future for Snowden. In the two years since Snowden’s disclosure of the NSA documents, U. In all, the politicians, government officials, and media commentators are still talking about how Snowden should be named rather than debating the more intricate free speech-national security balance questions that Snowden’s disclosure raises.The anger over Snowden clearly goes beyond the act itself however.For many of Washington's elite, Snowden is as baffling as some alien from another planet.For many around the world, and a growing number of Americans, Snowden is a hero and whistleblower who put his own freedom at stake to reveal shocking abuses by the US intelligence agencies.Much of what Snowden has done certainly looks like a whistleblower.He broke the rules and worse yet, embarrassed some of the most powerful leaders in Washington.He obviously broke the law in removing and disclosing classified information - material potentially harmful to the security of the United States.People clearly don't like it, even if they don't like Snowden.They are left however with the same sense of frustration and isolation when it comes to their government.I represented the prior whistleblower who first revealed aspects of this programme years before Snowden.As I have testified in Congress, the whistleblower system referred to by Clinton is a colossal joke.


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