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There are 3 parts in the world that English spoken in them.

There are 3 parts in the world that English spoken in them.

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This idea is strong especially among those countries which believe English is an imperialism language developed by powerful countries.

They believe powerful countries try to impose their language and culture to the world.

Occasionally those people who speak English in a localized context are ostracized by others.

They have a negative view about English and English speakers; this view is coming from the policy and culture of the government which spread it among people.

Many people believe during the time by knowing English, their culture and belief gradually would be change, English bring a power to them.

Although others believe by knowing English they can access to information, because today many scientific materials such as books or internet are in English.The style of living, eating, shopping among people of different cultures are in the same way.Mc Donald’s restaurants around the world are an example of these similarities.English is the language of technology and internet.Without knowing English we can’t have a successful life.One out of five of the world’s population speaks English.The number of people who speak English as a second or foreign language will exceed the number of native speakers.After industrial revolution in 18th century and also during the 20th century many technological inventions such as telephone, electricity, fax, internet, etc became from English language countries.Countries with the economic and political powers can spread their languages into other countries.Today, much religion, historic and scientific books are available among different people from different nationalities.In the 21th century the English language plays an important function in the development of globalization.


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