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India under the leadership of Gandhi saw the revival of a Nationalist sentiment which was absent before.4) The Oppressive Policies of British Empire The policies applied by the British Empire played a vital role in the development of Nationalist fervor among Indian people.

It might be said that the seeds of Nationalism were sown from the Revolt of 1857 and has only grown in intensity since then.

Important Factors Responsible for Development of Nationalism in India Some of the important events or factors in history responsible for the development of Nationalism in India are given below: 1) Revolt of 1857 The Revolt of 1857 began with a small contingent of Indian soldiers under British command, revolting in Meerut, and part of United Province under the leadership of Mangal Pande.

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Introduction The Nationalistic sentiments in India have been developed by number of political developments and freedom struggles ranging mostly over a period of ninety years since the advent of “Indian Independence Movement” in 1857.

Delhi was snatched from the hands of British Empire and an idea of United India following one rule under one command was born.

India was united for the first time against the British Rule in the Revolt of 1857.He organized a number of peaceful protests like salt Satyagraha, swadeshi movement, etc.Gandhi’s rejection for caste based discrimination and untouchability united people of India across these demographic lines.The following long essay caters to the need of anyone looking for an essay on Indian Nationalism giving an idea of the meaning of Nationalism and its significance.You can get here a deep insight into the Indian Nationalistic sentiment and the factors influencing it.Nationalism is the sense of devotion that one feels towards one’s own Country.Such occasions fill us with a Nationalistic fervor and we rejoice in being the part of a World’s greatest democracy.Before the beginning of the Independence Movement, India was divided into small princely states surviving on their own, and constantly struggling to expand their boundaries fighting among themselves.The idea of Nationalism or a united India under one rule was bleak at that time.2) Division of Bengal The decision to divide Bengal was taken by the then Viceroy of India Lord Curzon in1905.His decision was to divide Bengal into the Hindu dominated west and Muslim dominated eastern parts.


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