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Hence, marijuana needs to have a fair legal policy similar to many other drugs which are categorized in the same group.

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Tobacco and alcohol happen to be more harmful to health than marijuana, which is why it does not exactly make sense make it illegal with respect to the alcohol and tobacco policies.

It has been found out that even sugar happens to be more harmful to health than marijuana.

writing a critical essay is always challenging since you will have to be straight-forward about letting your thoughts and perceptions out without any bias due to conscience, especially when the topic happens to be something as controversial as legalization of Marijuana, which has been debated for over a decade now.

The one drug which receives most publicity is marijuana since media always seems to be talking about it.

Financially, marijuana currently is quite hard on the judicial system.

Once it is legalized, the government will be able to levy the tax on it, which can further be used for government funding.

But as wise men said, it is always toughest to convince the common man than someone who makes policies.

Some people are in favor of it while there are people who are against it, but in between these two, there are people who believe slight modifications will bring a better change by exposing the medicinal benefits of Marijuana.

Hence, there are ample reasons why marijuana should be legalized and the revenue generated can be used by government for community development purposes.

With the help of cannabis they try to cure eye diseases (glaucoma), sclerosis spasms, nausea effects of chemotherapy, and also stimulate the appetite of the patients who suffer from exhaustion. Cannabis has useful qualities for sure and maybe there is no harm.


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