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Nor could they compete in international competitions, such as the Olympics. It is impossible to think that we will ever roll back the great rewards given to modern athletes. The good geneticists will continue to figure out how to build stronger bodies, and their results will be out there for athletes to use.Jim Thorpe won two  Olympic gold medals in 1912, received a ticker-tape Broadway parade for his performance and was considered "the greatest athlete of all time." He was also stripped years later of his medals because it was determined he had been paid to play in a couple of professional baseball games.  He was considered a cheater because he had the luxury of practicing, as a professional, while other Olympic athletes did not.  Today we consider this preposterous, because professional athletes compete regularly in the Olympics. Too many people love their top athletes, and relish in seeing them earn superstar incomes. Splice a gorilla gene into a wrestler, or a gazelle gene into a long-distance runner? This will likely be illegal.  But, over time, won't those gene-altering programs become as common to professional athletes as steroids and human growth hormone are today?Cheating in sports is now officially prevalent.  The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) January 14 issued its report, and confirmed that across the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) athletes were cheating.

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However in the championships Powell would often 'bottle' it when it came time to truly perform.

Although often being favorite for a gold medal in championships, Powell has only managed two bronzes in individual races.

Would the daily pain of drugs be worse than the pain of constant training?   If lots and lots of people are doing it, as the WADA report and multiple investigations tell us, is it really cheating? Or how football fans have overwhelming supported Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, and ridiculed the NFL's commissioner Roger Goodall, over the Deflategate cheating charges and investigation. So, now we know performance enhancing drugs are endemic in professional sports. Should we be trying to change behavior, or change the rules? So when these athletes were paid for their play, we called them professionals.

Go back 150 years in sports and frequently the best were those born to upper middle class families. As professionals we would not allow them to compete with the local amateurs.

On July 14th 2013 Powell, along with Sherone Simpson, announced that he had tested positive for a stimulant called oxilofrine, an amphetamine closely related to ephedrine which is banned by the IAAF.

In Powell's defense this is also used in many diet supplements, and he has vowed to compete after his suspension is over, but until then he has had his contracts with Adidas and Chinese sports company Li-Ning suspended. I consider this an off year but I am still working hard, training, going to the gym almost every day.Practicing does not hurt, but as the good doctor described to Lance Armstrong, if he wanted to be great he had to overcome mother nature. Nobody wanted to hear that Lance was cheating - even if he was.And that's where drugs come in.  Regardless of the sport in which an athlete competes, greatness simply requires very good genes. If mother nature didn't give you the perfect genes, why not alter them? Once there was only Gatorade, and it was only available to Florida athletes. Fans and sponsors really don't care how athletes win, just that they win.Wow, we all thought that after Lance Armstrong was found guilty of doping this had passed.Sounds like, to the contrary, Lance was just the poor guy who got caught.If you are an amateur then you will be subjected to intense testing, and you will be caught. Of course, one could imagine that there could be two pro circuits.Testing will go up dramatically, and you will be caught if you cross any line we draw. One that allows all performance enhancing drugs, and one that does not. Like minor league competition, nobody really cares about the second stringers.Accusations of steroid use for superior performance have been around a long time.  Major league baseball held hearings, and accused several players of doping.The long list of MLB players accused of cheating includes several thought destined for the Hall of Fame including Barry Bonds, Jose Conseco, Roger Clemens, Mark Mc Gwire, Manny Ramirez, Alex Rodriguez and Sammy Sosa.Too many people love buying products these athletes endorse, and too many companies obtain brand advantage with those highly paid endorsements. Exactly when does anyone think performance enhancement will stop?And if the drugs keep becoming better, and athletes have such a huge incentive to use them, how are we ever to think a line can be drawn -- or ever enforced?


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