Essay Evaluation

The more rows that are in the table the more points there are support or refute the thesis.

Using the usual format for an essay continue by applying the following information to the standard sections: Introduction; Main; Conclusion.

Consider using a recording device if that is allowed and won’t unfairly impact your experience and evaluation. The final category should be observations that mix both objective observations with subjective opinions.

This could be your thoughts and observation on friendliness.

For example, have their been standards of quality established by regulatory boards or previous research?

Another option is to establish the criteria yourself.

It also works well in advanced classes where a student may be asked to evaluate methodologies or research instruments.

Students writing these essays need to be aware of potential pitfalls. While it’s impossible to eliminate the role of opinion entirely, objective criteria must be applied. A review of a local BBQ restaurant would consist of your opinions on the food and service.

Nearly anything can be the topic of an evaluation essay.

A meal, a marketing campaign, an employee training program, a method for conducting research, a movie, or a piece of art are just a few examples of things that can be evaluated.


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