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For example my friend broke her back and is in hospital, she has got extensions.I recieve extensions due to my mental health problems.

For example my friend broke her back and is in hospital, she has got extensions.I recieve extensions due to my mental health problems.

Usually for extenuating circumstances - bereavement, severe illness (not just I had a cold for a week etc), disabilities etc...Writing a financial aid appeal letter and asking for money can be hard. ) only to find out the school isn’t giving you enough money (womp womp). “To the Financial Aid Office at UCLA: My name is Sara Martinez and I am a 12th grader currently enrolled at Los Angeles Academy. And it can be When should I make a financial aid appeal letter request? Underneath that you’ll find some links to some financial aid resources you don’t want to miss.I got one extension while at university and it was due to a bereavement. Learn how to write a financial aid appeal letter that will get you more money. Let us know over at" So you’ve been accepted to a great college (yay! to hear my complete interview about how to win a financial aid appeal letter with financial aid expert Jodi Okun, who has helped thousands of families navigate the college financial planning process and contributed one of the financial aid request letter samples in this post.I can't think of any non-critical reason for granting an extension which would be accepted at my current uni. Can you please tell me under what circumstances someone would normally get an assignment extension?Extensions are usually only given when there's a compelling reason, with evidence, why the work isn't completed on time- usually a doctor's note is required.extensions are for people with genuine need and it isn't as easy as just saying you have a problem and getting an extension, you have no idea what is going on for your coursemate so try not to make judgments.It is far better to learn how to manage your time well as you will need to be able to do this once you leave university. If I hadn’t asked, I wouldn’t have gotten more money and probably wouldn’t have gone there. I get weird sometimes just asking friends to chip in for pizza. “You may think the next step is one thing but they may give you another step which might get you further in your appeal.”Below you’ll find a few great financial aid request letter samples--one from my former student and a couple from families Jodi worked with--with analysis and suggestions on how to write your own appeal letter. Could it be that, if you ask nicely and write a financial aid letter request, then the school just might give you a little more? True story: When I asked Northwestern for more money the school gave me more money AND THAT LED TO THE BEST FOUR YEARS OF MY LIFE. Caveat: I had a zero EFC (Estimated Family Contribution), so much of it was need-based aid, but still! Here’s one of my favorite bits of advice from Jodi on the importance of allowing for a pause in conversation when appealing to a financial aid officer:“Parents have an agenda about what they want to say, but financial aid offices have a process they have to follow with every folder on their desk,” Jodi says.


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