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But when your kidneys finally stop working effectively, then you will treatment to replace the work that they do - either a transplant or dialysis.

But when your kidneys finally stop working effectively, then you will treatment to replace the work that they do - either a transplant or dialysis.While dialysis is able to get rid of waste products from your body, it does not replace all the functions of your own kidneys. These necessary functions include: Your kidneys are normally undertaking these functions continuously, day and night, year in year out, without you even having to think about it.Younger adults benefit the most from a kidney transplant, but even adults as old as 75 gain an average of four more years after a transplant than if they had stayed on dialysis.

We will carefully and clearly explain your options, offer advice and support, and help you and your loved ones make the best treatment choice.

If you are diagnosed with failing kidneys before you need dialysis, treatment can sometimes prevent (or certainly delay) their complete failure.

Kidney Transplantation Before Dialysis (PDF)Having a live donor is the most common and best way to get transplanted before starting dialysis.

However, no matter how long someone has been on dialysis, a transplant from a live donor is preferable to a deceased donor for many reasons including improved kidney graft function.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center has one of the oldest and most respected kidney transplant and pancreas transplant programs in the region.

Our longstanding affiliation with the world-renowned Joslin Diabetes Center promotes excellence in kidney and pancreatic care.Moreover, spending a long time on dialysis before transplantation may also compromise the life of the new kidney graft once transplant occurs.Published medical data has shown that the kidney will work much longer in patients transplanted before they start dialysis.Assessment does not depend on age or ethnic background but on whether you are fit enough to have the operation, recover from the surgery and manage living living with a transplant .So if you have evidence of heart disease, chest condition or other problems, special investigations will be undertaken to assess whether the risks to you are too great for transplantation.This allows time for you to receive all the information that you will need and to be referred for transplant assessment.If you are suitable for a transplant and you wish to have one, the aim is to minimise time on dialysis or, where possible, to avoid it all together.Preemptive transplant is especially beneficial for patients with type 1 diabetes who need both a kidney transplant and a subsequent deceased donor pancreas transplant.Even though kidney transplant is major surgery with a phased recovery period, it can, in comparison to dialysis, offer you the opportunity for a longer, more satisfying life.Most patients who have been on dialysis and then had a transplant report having more energy, a less restricted diet, and fewer complications with a transplant than if they had stayed on dialysis.Transplant patients are also more likely to return to work after their transplant than dialysis patients.


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