Essay On Beatrice And Benedick

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Margaret makes severally sexually explicit puns before mentioning to Beatrice that Benedick is now in love.

Margaret then implies that perhaps Beatrice will someday decide to fall in love much the Benedick has.

Claudio states that if he sees any reason not to wed Hero that night, he will shame her in the church before the wedding ceremony the next day.

Don Pedro supports him and they promise to meet Don John that night.

She agrees, and they wait until they see Beatrice hide herself in the orchard before walking towards the hiding spot.

They arrive where Beatrice is hiding and Hero informs Ursula that Benedick is madly in love with Beatrice, but that she will never tell Beatrice because she is afraid her cousin would only ridicule Benedick.

He asks Leonato to examine the men, but since the wedding is that day, Leonato refuses and orders Dogberry to conduct the examination himself.

Dogberry orders Verges to bring one of his men who knows how to write so that they can write down the entire examination and bring it to Leonato.

He does not deny their charge, but finally asks Leonato if he could have a word with him in private.

Don Pedro tells Claudio that Benedick must want to discuss Beatrice with Leonato.


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