Essay On Fortune Favors The Bold

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Although grace of God and blessings of elders bring achievements, a hard working and sincere person gets the co-operation and coordinating of all due to his braver.

Fortune or destiny smiles on him because he dares to achieve the goal.

Challenges and obstacles are ever present in the way of life and if it is decided strongly to achieve the goal nobody can stop the person.

Gandhiji and Abraham Lincoln are the best example of it and the popular saying “fortune favors the brave” fits for them perfectly.

Self control, optimistic approach, openness to feeling all are forms of valor and courage.

Essay On Fortune Favors The Bold Marijuana Argumentative Essay

To lead somebody in the right path, to raise the standard of people surrounding you, to present a moral example- all are forms of bravery.

Today we live in an era of globalization but behind that the courageous and innovative steps are there.

our legislature, judiciary and executives all have lost that type of courage, the result of which is lot of power, prestige, faith and respect which they once enjoyed the most.

To learn from mistakes is the most significant high which saves a person from fault and failure.

Thus, “improve thyself” is the philosophy of success.


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