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They then measure actual distances and angles which are used, back in the classroom, to calculate the heights of the buildings and compare these to their original estimates.Feedback from the students is positive and Andy and his colleagues analyse the success of the lesson and discuss some of the issues that emerged.The Mathematics of Escalators on the London Underground provides a context for consideration of rates and speed.

They then measure actual distances and angles which are used, back in the classroom, to calculate the heights of the buildings and compare these to their original estimates.

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The book covers many aspects of geometry from a practical perspective.

Highlights include: Fixing positions - an exploration of ways of identifying location.

They will need to be able to construct scale drawings, an angle bisector, a perpendicular bisector, a triangle and a variety of loci.

Mathematics This activity Architect's Skills is designed to develop the process skills involved in understanding and making sense of mathematical information.

Mathematics This task offers pupils the opportunity to develop their personal learning and thinking skills.

It involves using recycled materials to construct a scale model of a silo and is well suited to group work.Students have to give unambiguous descriptions to enable their partner to build an identical copy of a hidden shape, whilst the partner has to listen and interpret the descriptions accurately.Different views is designed to engage pupils in visualising a three dimensional object from limited but sufficient information, given in code, for the front, side and plan views of shapes.Students then progress to Decoding plans, where they are invited to build 3-D models from the codes for each shape.Mathematics This resource is designed to help teachers to develop classroom activities that will interest students and enable them to link the mathematics they learn with the world around them.The resource also stresses the importance of accuracy in calculations.This is a good lead in to the resource Architect's Skills in which students have to describe 3D models in two dimensions and decode plans.The task can be extended for more able students by investigating the resizing of their model to accommodate an increased capacity.Topics covered by this task include scale, ratio, measurement, volume of cylinders, unit conversions, graphs and substitution into formulae.Sewage Tunnels, How Much Waste and How Much Sewage are part of a suite of resources exploring the mathematics used in some of the unseen areas of construction.Activities provides a context for work on volume of three dimensional shapes, approximation, estimation and a consideration of the wider implications of construction.


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