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A negotiation between American officials and Britain confirmed the America’s domination and regulation over the canal.A French canal company official gave Americans a central section of Panama to build the canal.Production was very high and America needed to protect its expanding foreign markets.

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It was not until the end of the century that the role of the mosquito in the transmission of malaria was ascertained.

Western technology also provided the direct means of conquest, most directly in the development of efficient, long range, accurate, rapid-firing weapons for which the older muskets used by Asian forces, or the spears of African warriors were no match.

The United States therefore destroyed all European empires after taking over Cuba and Philippines from Spain.

They built a navy ready for European in case they became troublesome or destabilized.

Some early guerrillas, and groups who were able for a short time to secure European weapons, were remarkably hard to put down—an omen of the future.

What the Europeans themselves would only realize as they mowed down each other in the First World War was that the new weapons had a defensive advantage which made the offensive charges of the past obsolete.

He also gave America rights to take more land or use troops on Panama when necessary.

The Panamanians were to be given their independence only if they accepted the treaty, but they refused to sign it so the Americans took ownership of the canal region (Bella, 2003, p.1).

Others have called attention to the economic motives, including “the need for raw materials, secure markets, or investment opportunities.” While some historians have denied that technological changes made any difference in the history of imperialism, no general conclusions have been made about the relationship between the two.

While motives are, of course, important, technology, the means by which the Europeans conquered such vast areas so rapidly, is also significant.


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