Essay On Islam Condemns Terrorism

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The verse refers to the Israelites in Biblical history.The verses just preceding discuss the story of Cain and Abel.That main addition is the “corruption in the earth” exception.

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“Corruption in the land” refers to the words and/or actions that come into significant conflict with Islam.” — evidence makes it extremely likely that Mohammad (or whoever produced the words for this part of the Koran) did plagiarize or appropriate this quoted commentary of a rabbi.Given that this is a rabbi’s commentary, not the words of God or Allah as conveyed by a prophet, the divine authenticity of this part of is all but discredited.Our messengers came unto them of old with clear proofs (of Allah’s sovereignty), but afterwards lo!Many of them become prodigals of the earth.” See Ibn Kathir’s interpretation of at I will present evidence that (1) the good part of – the part that sounds like a prohibition against murdering any innocent human being – is taken from pre-Islamic sources, and will show (2) that the omitted parts of , when included, change the meaning dramatically, actually permitting killing of non-Muslims in a wide variety of circumstances.Does the Koran’s Verse Forbid the Killing of Non-Muslims?by Archi Medes After every well-publicized major terrorist attack, Islamic apologists appear in the mainstream media, typically claiming that Islam is a religion of peace.(2) When the omitted parts of the verse are included, the meaning of the verse changes, and permits the killing of non-Muslims under many circumstances.Now, the argument a defender of Islam might make here, after reading the above excerpt, is “So what? It was Allah that guided the rabbi in his commentary, and then guided the prophet Mohammad with a more ‘correct’ version.” (For this interpretation to be acceptable to Islam, one must not assume that the rabbi was a partner to Allah, but simply a believer guided by Allah.) However, this more “correct” version, intended for Muslims, has an addition not found in the earlier source.Such will be their degradation in the world, and in the Hereafter theirs will be an awful doom…” See Ibn Kathir’s tafsir of here: Those who wage war against Allah/Mohammad and/or cause corruption in the earth will be killed, or crucified, or significantly dismembered (to the point of being permanently disabled), or banished (or imprisoned).(The severity of the penalty would depend on the judged severity of the transgression against Islam). Allah punishes those who “make mischief in the earth,” subjecting them to a “painful doom” (; -14).


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