Essay On My Favourite Season Rainy Season

The coming of the monsoon signals relief from the scorching summer heat.

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Overflowing of rivers causes floods that damage property, fields and crops largely and loss of life.

In hilly areas landslides during the monsoon is very common.

They have to leave their shelters on the pavement because of heavy rain and flooded streets.

Several diseases such as malaria, dysentery, typhoid and cholera are seen to occur among the masses during this season.

It generally starts from mid June and continues till September.

Dark and gloomy grey skies are a common sight during this season, which signify the much awaited rain.

In contrast to areas with savanna climates and monsoon regimes, Mediterranean climates have wet winters and dry summers.

Dry and rainy months are characteristic of tropical seasonal forests: in contrast to tropical rainforests, which do not have dry or wet seasons, since their rainfall is equally distributed throughout the year.

When the monsoon does not arrive on time, droughts occur.

Very heavy rainfall causes extensive damage to crops.


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