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Now we will see why people destroy, or steal public property or why they use it carelessly most of the time it has been seen that people destroy it to express their anger and frustration.When people are angry about something they organize a protest, they burn and destroy something.Nowadays public using the water not in a careful manner. For example, a kid washing the hands but opened the tap but forgets to close it. In some areas like Rajasthan where the temperature of the weather is too hot, the sources of the drinking water are very less.

It is important to save the water for us and for our future because we totally depend on the water for the various purposes.But it does not mean that people have no role to play in this regard.If the government is responsible for building and maintaining public property, it is the duty of people to help the government in maintaining it.The crop season requires the irrigation which is used for agriculture that to proper growth of plants.If there are proper sources of water for farming then farmers are also happy which makes the crops or farms wealthy.Its misuse causes inconvenience to everybody, including ourselves.We must develop a sense of cooperation in having a comfortable and happy civic life.We all must work together, contribute funds by paying taxes on time and have a sense of responsibility to preserve conveniences which exist for the benefit of all.“Water is a life” Not only the human being but also for the entire ecosystem water is precious. Water is transparent but it takes the shape of anything when we put it, it’s a pure thing.71 percent of the land is covered by the water on the earth.If we have any grievances or any legitimate demands, we can approach the authorities peacefully.Destruction of public property is no solution of any problem. As good citizens it is our duty to use the public property as carefully as we use our own things.


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