Essay On Respecting Property

When a child disrespects her school, she is hurting herself and those around her.

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At the end of the day, socialism is about state control, if not outright ownership, of the wealth-producing mechanisms of a country, and as the axiom says, all wealth ultimately comes out of the ground.

When government begins to confiscate private properties and businesses in order to nationalize huge sectors of the economy, socialism is entering its final stages.

Does a person really own his property if he can enhance and maintain it only according to the directives of an oversight committee? It is becoming more obvious that children are not being taught to respect private property.

Perhaps this is a failing on the part of parents and/or a product of government schooling, which was set up in the early- to mid-1900s by socialist educators like John Dewey.

In the great game called "keeping up with the Joneses," diminishing the neighbor's property increases one's own.

Envy and competition, hallmarks of rabid American materialism, can cause normally good neighbors to exhibit less-than-stellar attitudes and behaviors, which children are quick to mimic.Shae Hazelton is a professional writer whose articles are published on various websites.Her topics of expertise include art history, auto repair, computer science, journalism, home economics, woodworking, financial management, medical pathology and creative crafts.Beyond these, Congress was given the power to make necessary laws, coin money, and collect taxes.It was thought that the separation of powers and the various checks and balances would inhibit the growth of the government's power. has so many arcane laws - federal, state, and local - that every citizen is a lawbreaker in one way or another.Schools should be a comfortable safe haven for children to accrue knowledge.When a student lacks respect for school property, it can bring the quality of life in the school down.This puts the school in a tight spot and may force administrators to recycle damaged educational tools until they receive a new influx of funding.For example, if a student pulls the pages out of an education text, the next student to receive that book may have to work around the damage because the school doesn’t have an extra book for him.The United States is, thankfully, not there quite yet. This is seen, first, in the general acceptance of governmental powers, particularly federal power, in areas that the Founders of this nation would be aghast to discover.Originally, federal power was severely limited to three major areas: defense, justice, and foreign policy.


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