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“Using the quotation below as a jumping off point, tell us about…

“Using a favorite quotation from an essay or book as a jumping off point, tell us about…

Maybe you have a political, social, or cultural viewpoint that is not shared by the rest of your school, family, or community.

Did you find the courage to create a better opportunity for yourself or others?

Draw on your best qualities as a writer, thinker, visionary, social critic, sage, citizen of the world, or future citizen of the University of Chicago; take a little risk and have fun.” Note that Chicago did something that very few schools do: they took the admissions essay questions seriously enough to ask current students and alumni for suggestions.

Nearly all of these questions were inspired by the results.”, “What historical moment or event do you wish you could have witnessed? ”, “Tell us about an idea or an experience you have had that you find intellectually engaging.”, “What would you want your future roommate to know about you?”, “Tell us something about you that will help your future roommate — and us — know you better.” “Tell us what makes Stanford a good place for you.” “Write whatever you want us to read.As second son applies to college, the applications have exposed me once again to the college admissions racket. We would probably be better off pooling students that meet threshold requirements and assigning them randomly to colleges.The experience has a musical chairs quality to it, but the music keeps getting faster.Were you able to find the voice to stand up for something you passionately supported?How did you persevere when the odds were against you? at times before they’re worn out and at times – and this is worst of all – before we have new ones.” Write an essay about something you have outgrown, perhaps before you had a replacement – a friend, a political philosophy, a favorite author, or anything that has had an influence on you. ” “From game theory to Ultimate Frisbee to the great Chicago Scavenger Hunt, we at the University of Chicago take games seriously. Even if “just a game,” sport, play, and other kinds of games seem to share at the very least an insistence that we take seriously a set of rules entirely peculiar to the circumstance of the game.Essay questions are part of how smart colleges market themselves. Many require little more than the common application essays.Better colleges should ask smarter or at least more provocative questions. I have reviewed the 20 supplemental essay questions for about 75 colleges that ask for extra essays.When the music stops, most kids get a chair — but the process is much more stressful for students and families than it needs to be.I develop some additional thoughts on why colleges behave this way and how schools are using early admissions and other tactics to deal with it here.


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