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Many teachers and districts have beenasking these questions as Common Core State ...Read More Blaise Pascals inventions and discoveries have helped form in what is mathematics today.German mathematician Johannes Regiomontanus posed the following question From what position along a horizontal line can a statue best be viewed (Figure 1)?

Read More The Difficulty of Making Predictions Despite mankinds admirable history of forecasting and prophecy, as seen from prophets such as Nostradamus to Michio Kaku, as well as the recent application of algorithms and scientific methods towards analyzing past results to determine future outcomes, prediction making remains elusive and difficult to grasp. Read More Statisticians have a purpose, just as any other professional does. Read More Game theory is defined as the science of strategy.

They complete or serve in a capacity that overall, is a positive influence to society. In decision making situations, individuals are faced with conflicting and cooperative methods of strategy against rational opponents in which different combinations of strategies result in different payouts (Dixit, Nalebluff).

It has so much to offer and so many different courses to take. Read More Leonardo Fibonacci Leonardo Fibonacci was born in Pisa, Italy around 1175 to Guilielmo Bonacci.

As I take math through my education I have received successes, but some frustrations. Leonardos father was the secretary of the Republic of Pisa and directed the Pisan trading colony.

Read More The goal of the research is for teachers to have a better understandingon how to differentiate mathematics instruction for gifted learners.

There are many questions and unknowns that come when something new ispresented to a group of people.

It studies the way people will be at a disadvantage based off of other people's decisions, and, under certain circumstances, their own decisions. Read More Quadratics can be encountered all around us, from basic things as a fork, pushed off the table, to much more complicated concepts, such as building a bridge.

A very large area, where quadratics are applicable is projectile motion, i.e., a ball thrown in a football game, a bullet fired. Read More Passage Using estimation and mental computation from Chapter 9 Estimation and Computational Procedures for Whole Numbers Estimation is recommended for students to use when teaching problem solving.

Read More The overall focus of this paper will be on t tests.

T tests are statistics that can be used to test many different hypotheses about scores on quantitative variables.


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