Essay On Uses Of Computer In Offices

Use in IT sector : The present age is the age of information technology.

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Use in medical science : In Bangladesh, the introduction of computer in medical science have added a new dimension.

Now computers are being used to diagnose as well as for treatment of serious diseases.

Introduction : The Word 'Computer' refers to an instrument that computes or does various calculations. It receives data, processes data by various computations and then emits data. During the recent years, computer has been contributing a lot to our agriculture.

Use in agricultural sector : Bangladesh is an agricultural country.

Rather, students learn from thinking in meaningful ways.

Thinking is engaged by activities, which can be fostered by computers or teachers.” (Jonassen, p4) So, the computer itself isn't the issue - the issue, as always, is what you do with it.

I don't refer to legal requirementbut to perception.

Schools are judged on how many computers they have.

In Bangladesh, computers are used in different fields successfully.

Many hi-breed crops are being invented using the computers in Bangladesh Agriculture University.


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